This past year at A&D Precast we have been, and still are, undergoing major changes to our manufacturing plant and progress in order to increase quality and cost as well as to better serve our customers. We have always strived to provide the highest quality precast with the fastest lead times in the region at a competitive cost in order to help our customers complete their projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Truly, we owe all our success to our customers and we consider meeting your needs as our primary goal.

Over the past year we have had increasing concerns, both in house and by some of our customers, about the color and consistency of our precast in the GRAY and GRAY AW colors. In an effort to increase the quality of our product we have adjusted our mix recipes, changed our manufacturing process, hired consultants, and worked with several raw materials suppliers to solve these issues. After a great deal of work and troubleshooting we have come to realize that the quality control of our raw materials have the greatest impact on the inconsistency of our finished product, and tracing these issues through several suppliers led us to realize that we are going to have to take measures to bypass quality problems at the initial materials’ sources in order to increase the quality provided to our customers.

We are happy to announce that after working with some new material suppliers we have managed to find a new supply chain that has better quality control incorporated in every step from the source all the way to our plant. As a result we are adjusting our recipe and process as needed and there will be small changes in the finished color of our GRAY and GRAY AW selections from our standard color options.

Effective October 1, 2019 we are making these changes permanent in our future manufacturing processes. This will impact customers differently depending on circumstances.

If we are currently manufacturing a job, or if a color selection has been made for a job that has not yet been released for production, as of 10/1/19 then the colors will match GRAY and GRAY AW per our color boards dated prior to the changeover date. Customers do not need to take any action in this instance.

If we are in the submittal phase of a job and we have submitted a color board prior dated prior to 10/1/19, but a color selection has not yet been made then the GRAY and GRAY AW colors that are dated prior to the changeover date will no longer be a selection. If this is the case, please inform us as soon as possible so we can submit a new color board for consideration as soon as possible. If we are not informed and produce GRAY and GRAY AW from color selections after 10/1/9 we cannot be responsible for variances in color from the obsoleted color boards.

If you have products from A&D Precast in the GRAY or GRAY AW colors that were produced prior to 10/1/19 we will still continue to support instances of replacement or matching through the 2020 calendar year, which will exceed the standard warranty period for anything previously made. Matching precast must be instances where precast will be installed in close enough proximity that the minor color differences will be immediately apparent to the naked eye at a distances where both colors can be seen. These will be considered instances of Legacy Color and will incur no additional charge through 2020. (Please note that due to the aging process of the current GRAY and GRAY AW colors that any new or replacement pieces will not be a perfect match until they age as long as previously installed pieces.)

For any other circumstances, or past 12/31/19 we will no longer offer the GRAY and GRAY AW dated prior to 10/1/19 as we will no longer stock the raw materials needed to manufacture these products. Any instance demanding these colors will be treated as a custom color and may be subject to additional costs and extended lead times.

At the end of the day the happiness of our customers, as well as end-user of the precast, is the driving force behind these changes and we know that this will only be increased through these changes that we are implementing. We want all our customers to know that when they order from A&D Precast they can be confident that they are getting the best quality product on the market every time.

We will be mailing out new color boards to our current customers and resellers for their in-house records in the next week or so. If you need one sooner or have not received one within the first week of October please let us know where to send it in the contact form below and we will mail one as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or other concerns please email us at, call us at 704-735-3337, or contact us through our website to let us know where we can send a new color board. We will do our best to get back to you at our earliest convenience.