Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions create a contract between the you (the customer or purchaser) and A&D Precast. Please read the entire agreement carefully. Acceptance of quote or proposal from A&D Precast and/or placement of order constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions in full. Purchaser agrees that terms and conditions in this agreement supersede purchaser or project terms and conditions and in the event of dispute this agreement governs.

A&D Precast is a manufacturer and supplier of premium architectural precast concrete. Our typical services are manufacturing and delivering architectural precast concrete. A&D Precast may be able to assist or provide referrals for other scopes of work such as design, install, engineering, etc. on a case by case basis. A&D Precast does not guarantee any work by third parties or referrals.

A&D Precast, unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing at time of quote, excludes: installation, hardware embeds, attachments, engineering, custom colors, attachment hardware, cleaning, patching, patch kits, sealant, jobsite visits, handling at jobsite, insurance, bonding, additional testing,

Takeoffs are provided for customer convenience only. Quantities and dimensions of final orders are ultimately the responsibility of the customer or purchaser. Quotes are provided only for the takeoff quantities included on the quote. In cases that the final quantities or shapes approved in shop drawings differ significantly a revision to the purchase price prior to or finalization may be necessary at our discretion.

A&D Precast will not begin shop drawings without commitment to order and/or a formal PO as necessary and decided by A&D Precast. Shop drawings are provided as customer convenience and customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring that piece geometry and dimensions are correct per requirements. Customer will need to provide complete set of all required project drawings or documents to A&D Precast if they have not already done so.
Revisions to drawings required under original scope are included in price free of charge. Revisions in drawings required due to change in scope or project documents after quote or order placement may incur additional fees.
Approved shop drawings will be required prior to order being released into production. A&D Precast may accept clear and written approval for shop drawings via email or other means at their discretion. Such approval is considered binding just as signed drawings. Ultimately our customers may choose to allow owners, architects, or others to approve shop drawings, but drawings approved by other project authorities returned by our customer or on their behalf will be considered approval from the customer.

We make every effort to fulfill and deliver orders as quickly as possible. We strive to provide a quality product to meet our customer needs within their schedules and pride ourselves on production times typically faster than our competitors.
Lead time is provided in quotes for customer convenience and is an estimate only. This does not constitute a written or implied contract that order will be delivered within a specific time frame. Lead time for orders are not guaranteed unless explicitly arranged and approved by A&D Precast in writing. Orders requiring guarantee of lead time will incur additional fees which are not included in quote.
Order expediting will require additional fees. A&D Precast will not expedite orders, except in rare cases, after they have been released to production.

A&D Precast provides nine standard color options for all orders included in quote price. Custom colors can be provided for a fee at customer request and are not included in quote price unless explicitly stated otherwise at time of quote.
Color sample boards are provided to customers free of charge for the purposes of color selections. Selection should only be made from board dated within previous six months unless otherwise approved in writing. Occasionally raw material supply or mix recipe changes result in slight color variations and current color sample boards will ensure finished product is per current standards. A&D Precast is not responsible for color variations from customer selection based on obsolete boards.
For color matching customer will need to provide A&D Precast with a sample by mail or dropoff of the color to be matched. A&D Precast will provide customer one or more color samples for approval to match desired color. This service is an additional $200 fee unless otherwise explicitly included in quote. Final approval for color is responsibility of customer and A&D Precast will not manufacture a custom color without written approval of samples by customer.
Product color may vary slightly from samples or between pieces with same order due to variations in natural materials and ingredients. Custom color mixes will not be certified as per standard mixes unless otherwise requested by customer. Certifications of custom mixes will incur additional fees and an additional lead time.

A&D Precast routinely tests compressive strength of our precast by approved third party laboratory. Routine testing is performed for quality control. Basic test results will be made available in submittal package the request of a customer at no additional charge. A&D Precast does not guarantee specific tests performed at specific times to meet job qualifications. Additional testing can be performed on request and may incur additional fees or increased lead time.
A&D Precast does not provide test results for other tests without request and additional fees. Many tests and requirements in generic specs are for different climates or different applications and do not make any distinction between geographic location or method for producing precast. A&D Precast takes exception to all procedures or tests not applicable to our product or market.
Additional testing on request can significantly increase lead times as much as eight weeks. Customer agrees that they are aware of this and that all scheduling provisions are addressed prior to request for additional testing or certifications. A&D Precast will not be responsible for any production, installation, or general project delays if due to additional testing requirements.

Customer agrees that any commitment to purchase precast in writing and approval of product for manufacturing is considered a binding agreement to order. A&D Precast may, at our discretion, require a PO to be provided prior to beginning any production, but is not required to do so. Email, fax, and written contract are all considered acceptable forms of written approval.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have proper purchasing authority within their own company prior to entering into any contract or agreement. It is not the responsibility of A&D Precast to verify purchasing authority and we will not be responsible for issues with authority to order.

Canceled orders are subject to minimum charge of 10% of total order amount. Additional fees may be incurred for orders already in production or for administrative fees to offset man hours already dedicated to order.
Canceled orders are subject to charge based on work completed prior to cancellation. Orders in production will be billed per weight of pieces already manufactured in addition to administrative charges and mold charges for work already performed.
Orders canceled after shop drawings and prior to production will be charged a drawing fee of $100 per drawing revision or $75 per hour for shop drawings completed to date or the standard 10% cancellation fee, whichever is greater.

Shipping quote and options are provided for contractor convenience. Shipping is determined based on order size, distance and method of transportation required. A&D Precast only charges for shipping based on the cost of carrier or costs incurred through delivery. Shipping estimate is provided based on minimal number of shipments. Progressive or partial shipments may increase the overall shipping cost.
Contractor is responsible for unloading onsite and will be responsible for any charges or fees arising from lack or provision for unloading. Shipping estimate on quote may change at time of billing if costs of transportation have changed.
Local pickup is available for all orders in lieu of shipping. Please provide adequate notice prior to pick-up. Necessary arrangements will vary depending on size and details of job. Please advise at time of ordering if pickup is preferred and we will contact you when order is ready for pickup so that you can schedule. Local pickup may cause a change in sales tax.
All orders from A&D Precast are FOB origin regardless of method of shipping. Product insurance for shipping is not provided by A&D Precast and must be provided by purchaser if necessary.

Sales tax is not provided in quote unless explicitly stated otherwise and requested by purchaser. Customer is required to calculated sales tax on their order as applicable based on delivery location. Orders being picked up will be charged sales tax based on current tax rates for our location.
A&D Precast will provide a sale tax estimate at time of purchase if requested. Customer must supply all necessary information such as, but not limited to, their federal and state tax information as well as their location, project location, and delivery location for the products ordered.

Orders from A&D Precast will be invoiced and billed per our standard procedures unless otherwise arranged in writing at time of order. Partial shipments will be invoiced on a prorated amount of the project total based on weight of pieces produced as percentage of weight of overall order.
All invoices are net 30 unless otherwise agreed to in writing by A&D Precast prior to order placement. A deposit of 10% of entire purchase price is invoiced at time order is placed. For accounts in good standing this invoice can be deferred until complete project is billed at our discretion. Final invoice will include shipping fees and sales tax as applicable.
All invoices not paid in full will incur a $5 administrative fee plus 3% surcharge for total amount owed for every 28 days (four weeks) past due. Surcharge can be reversed if order is paid in full within 10 days from time the 3% surcharge is assessed and approved in writing by A&D Precast. Surcharges and fees assessed on bills more than 10 days old will not be reversed. Accounts in default after six months can be sent to collections and may be reported on credit. Customer agrees that A&D Precast reserves the right to sell debt to a collection agency or hire an agency or other third party to collect debt on their behalf. All accounts sent to collections will be charged an additional fee of 10% of entire amount owed. A&D Precast reserves the right to refuse delivery of other orders to customers with accounts in default.
A&D Precast reserves the right to required different payment terms such as advance payment or cash on delivery depending on customer or project type, solely at our discretion.

A&D Precast can store pieces after production that customer is not yet ready to receive. Customer will be notified when production is complete and order is ready for delivery. A&D Precast will store onsite up to two weeks for pickup or delivery scheduling with no additional fees. Project will be invoiced in full, less shipping charges, after this time.
We can continue to store precast onsite after this date until customer is ready to receive. In some cases additional storage fees may be required based on sizes and amounts. A&D Precast will waive storage fees for short term storage (estimated delivery date is known and typically less than three months storage required) for accounts in good standing at our discretion. Please contact us to arrange for storage if it will be required.
Items held or stored by A&D Precast on customer behalf will be subject to standard payment terms based on invoicing date, not based on date item is actually shipped.

If any portion or provision of this agreement is held or adjudicated to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, each such portion or provision shall be severed from the remaining portions or provisions of this agreement, and the remaining portions or provisions shall be unaffected and remain in effect.